Sunday, 28 August 2016

Health benefits of Paneer

1.   Good source of protein

Paneer is a good source of protein especially for vegetarians who do not get their intake from meat products. 100 gm of paneer takes about 18 gm of protein which is good for people who weight train as they need protein for muscle building and repair. 

          2.   Builds stronger teeth

Paneer has calcium apart from protein. This helps in building stronger teeth and bones to a certain extent. 

          3.   Bone Health

Paneer having very high calcium content, this is very good for children, women (particularly when pregnant or lactating) and elderly people. The vitamin-B in cheese aids to the proper absorption and distribution of calcium.

4.   Prevents deadly diseases

The paneer is in fact useful to prevent deadly diseases such as cancer by preventing the growth of cancer-causing cells in the body. It also protects against heart disease by lowering the fat deposition in the arteries.

           5.   Provides Instant Energy

It is very energetic food provides instant energy after heavy exercises thus has capacity to fulfill calorie requirement of the body and improves the growth and development of the bones.

             6.    Prevents from Cancer

It is the good source of high quality protein which reduces the risk of various    types of cancer such as stomach cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer and etc. 

            7.   Diabetes Friendly

It is low in carbohydrates and high in protein, making it a great addition to any diet for diabetics. The low carbohydrate content and protein dense food ensures that energy is released into the body slowly, without causing any of the spikes in blood sugar levels. This also means that unlike certain high energy foods it doesn’t just give you a sudden burst of energy that peaks and falls just as quickly. 

            8.  Prevent stomach disorders

 Paneer has capability to prevent stomach disorders and help with your bones as you get older, especially in women.