Monday, 14 December 2015

Women's Hair care tips

1.      Use conditioner that matches your hair type and length. Different types of hair such as dried, oily. Conditioner is apply after shampooing. Leave conditioner for 5-10 minutes and wash it.

2.      Rinse your hair with vinegar before shampooing. This procedure is use twice a year. Doing this helps to make your hair look shinier and cleaner.  


   3. Egg is great for hair and it builds up the proteins in your hair to keep it thicker and promote new hair growth. Protein is the best things you can give your hair to make it stronger and thicker. This procedure is repeated in two times a week.  

4.      After you get out of the shower, wrap your hair in a cotton cloth. Towels are made of fabric that is very rough and damaging your hair.

5.      Orange juice is great way to promote thicker hair, smells refreshing and treating dandruff. Orange pulp should be applied to your hair and left on for 20 minutes. Do not use shampoo at the time of this procedure.  

6.      To use coconut oil for getting thicker hair naturally. Massage a bit of warmed coconut oil into scalp and cover with a hot towel. Left this for thirty minutes and then wash with a mild shampoo.  

7.      One or two aloe vera leaves and rub the gel onto the scalp and allow it to for half an hour before rinsing your hair with warm water.  

8.      Amla powder, ritha and shikakai powder can be mixed along with curds and lemon can be used as cleansing method.  

9.      Homemade beauty hair expert is avocado and not just to repair damaged hairs which are light and moist like own natural hair secretions and get proteins to your hair. This is left for 15 minutes before rinsing water.  

10.       Do not use brush to your hair too much because damage your hair result is split ends. Sometimes use brush is not harmful for your hair.  

11.      Trim hair regularly is very important because removing split ends. Take some hair shears and attack split ends up to ¼”. Trimming is do at every 5-7 weeks.  

12.      Avoid hard and strong shampoos. Straightening must be avoided because of straightening hair gets dry and weak.  

13.      Almond oil is for good qualities and helps hair grow long faster and makes hair silky and shiny. Massage this oil at every night.  

14.      Castor oil and Brahmi and amla oil are widely used in all traditional homes. These oils are sit on scalp and massage for some time. Oils are sit before wash hairs or left for one overnight. This procedure is doing 1-2 times per week.   

15.       Banana hair mask will regenerate your damaged and weak hair. It makes your hair strong by preventing damaged roots. It provides strength to weak roots and promotes to grow strong.