Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Health benefits of Lemon

      1.   Indigestion and Constipation

Add a few drops of lemon on your dish and it will aid indigestion. It acts as a blood purifier and a cleansing agent, so a good drink after lunch or dinner is fresh lemon soda. The recipe is lemon juice, cold water, soda, salt (common salt or rock salt) and sugar for sweetness.

      2.  Maintaining a healthy complexion

The antioxidant vitamin C, when eaten in its natural form or applied topically can help to fight skin damage caused by the sun and pollution, reduce wrinkles and improve overall skin texture. 

      3. Boost your immune system

Their high antioxidant content in the form of Vitamin C can boost your immune system and regular consumption can help prevent or speed up your recovery from a cold. 

       4.  Fiber

Getting enough fiber is a healthy way to boost your digestive health so that you are less likely to become constipated or develop hemorrhoids. When you include enough fiber in your diet, you are also less likely to develop heart disease and diabetes. 

      5.  Weight Loss

Adding lemons to your water can make you feel fuller as well as reduce the development of Type 2 Diabetes. Lemons contain pectin, a soluble fiber that has been shown to help with weight loss. Also, lemons can literally slow down the absorption of sugar into the body.

     6.  Fever

      Lemon juice can treat a person who is suffering from a cold, flu or fever. It helps to break fevers by increasing perspiration.

     7.Antibacterial and antiviral properties

     citric acid’s low pH breaks down the cell membrane of many harmful bacterial strains. 

       8.   Mood and Energy

Our energy comes from atoms and molecules in our food. When positively charged atoms flood the digestive tract and mingle with those that are negatively charged, a positive reaction occurs.

      9.  Cancer

The compounds in lemons can help protect your health. Limonoids are organic substances in citrus fruits that help determine their bitterness or sweetness. The compounds work by protecting your cells from damage that can lead to the formation of cancer.

      10. Asthma

The vitamin C found in the lemon juice plays two important roles in combating breathing problems. It strengthens the immune system of the body, and second, it works as an anti-oxidant and fights the harmful oxidants the lungs produce in the form of allergens during bouts of asthma. Thus the intake of lemon juice regularly will help fight the disease.