Saturday, 10 October 2015

16 Benefits of Walking Everyday

Now-a-Days, Everyone is busy in daily schedule. Due to fast and stressful life,  neglecting towards health issues. But we must need to take care of our valuable life and physical and mental fitness. Walking is an exercise that people have enjoyed for centuries. It is safe, and the risk of injury or strain is lower than it is with other types of exercise. 
There are various kinds of exercises and fitness therapies are in the world but Walking is most easy and beneficial exercise.  Because Walking does not need any equipment like gym and everyone can do at free of cost. Walking is an aerobic exercise it found that who walked had less body fat them those who didn’t walk. It also helps to reduce the risk of blood clots, contracting and pumping of blood from feet and legs to heart reducing load on heart.

There are various benefits of walking is as follows:

    1.  Improves Your Breath
When walking daily your breathing rate increases and causing oxygen to travel faster through bloodstream. It helps to improve your energy level.

    2.  Weight Loss
Walk 30 minutes then burns 200 calories. You can lose weight throughout your body including your abdomen, hips, legs.

      3.  Improves Circulation.
          Walking also lowers blood pressure and strengthens the heart. Who walked just one or two mile per day then lower blood pressure by nearly 11 points in 20 to 24 week. Due to this, maintains blood circulation properly.

4. Improves muscle endurance
Walking is good for your muscles all the muscles in your body contract. You feel a little pain when you stop walking because your body is not in the habit of exercising.

5. Good for our spine
Spine specialist says, "Walking is an exercise nourishes the spinal structures and facilitates strong circulation, pumping nutrients into soft tissues. It also increases flexibility. So, the stretch body in any motion.

6. Longer Life.
Due to the walking regularly then die after the next eight years than their non walking counterparts. Regularly walk is very important thing in our healthy life.

7.Improves Sleep.
 Who walk daily and early morning then improves sleep. That means human being wants proper sleep to healthy life. The normal sleep is 6 to 8 hours is very important.

8. It gives you energy
It boosts circulation and increases oxygen supply to each and every part in your body. It helps you to feel more alert and alive. Working capacity is increases.

9. Walking Lightens Mood.

Walking lightens mood because climate of morning is very fresh. No any kind of pollution is in climate. Due to walking, Feel as Tension free and relax.

10. It makes you happy
Getting active releases feel good frequency into the bloodstream, reducing stress and anxiety. When daily walking, then habit to walk everyone. From this habit, makes walking friends and group or meeting friends daily. Great feelings of isolation and loneliness.

11. Osteoporosis
Walking counts as a weight-bearing activity, It stimulates and strengthens bones, increasing their density. It also helps maintain healthy joints so, may stave off conditions such as arthritis. It can stop the loss of bone mass for those with osteoporosis. Walking each day reduced their risk of hip fractures by 40 percent.

12. It boosts your vitamin D levels
If you are walking outside in daylight, you will be boosting your body stores of vitamin D – exposure to sunlight. It is a nutrient that plays a big role in everything from bone health to immunity.

13. It lowers disease risk
As well as heart disease, a walking habit can slash your risk of developing diabetes, asthma and some cancers. And according to the charity Walking For Health, regular exercise such as walking could reduce risk by up to 60 percent.

14. Good for your foot.
Our feet were made for walking. The 26 bones within the foot plus its ligaments. They are exercised by walking, so they are not in danger of stress.

15. Good Environment
When you take your daily 40-minute walks outdoors, you breathe fresh air. Breathe deeply while walking. You can beauty from nature. 

16. Cost-Free and Time-Efficient

If you want to maintain your shape without the cost of a gym, walking is a cost-free method to improve your health. Without any Equipment we can develop your health easily and no any time limit for walking.