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Month to month baby growth in pregnancy

1 Month Baby during pregnancy:

If a sperm makes its way from the vagina through the uterus to the egg within 24 hours, conception is likely to occur. By the end of the first month (five weeks), the embryo is about 0.25cm or a 10th of an inch long. The heart, no larger than a poppy seed, has begun beating.
 Pregnancy is counted from the first day of a your last menstrual period (LMP) to birth, at about 40 weeks. 

2 Month Baby during pregnancy:

This month is especially critical in the development of your baby. Any disturbance from drugs, viruses or environmental factors such as pesticides may cause birth defects.  By the end of the second month, all of your baby's major body organs and body systems, including the brain, lungs, liver, and stomach, have begun to develop. The inner ear is forming. Ankles, toes, wrists, fingers, and sexual organs are developing. By the end of the second month, you may begin to feel pregnant. the increase in estrogen and progesterone levels, the milk ducts in the breasts increase.

3 Month Baby during pregnancy: 

Eat fiber rich foods like fruit, vegetables and cereals. Have iron and folic acid rich supplements. Talk to your doctor about your worries and anxieties. Make sure you are in happy surroundings and in the company of happy people.  Get plenty of rest when possible. Take short breaks if you are working. Sleeping while tired is okay. Do not try to battle fatigue. Surrender to it and get some sleep. Make sure your do your physical exercises under the supervision of a trained professional. Yoga and meditation will help you control your thoughts.  Make sure that you keep your vaginal area clean and dry all times.


4 month baby during pregnancy:

Your baby moves quite a bit and you may start to feel him moving. Do not worry, however, if you don’t feel anything yet; experiences vary significantly from one woman to the next, and it usually takes longer to feel the baby moving in your first pregnancy.
By the end of the fourth month, your baby is almost 20 cm (8 inches) long and weighs around 250 g (almost 9 ounces).

5 Month Baby during pregnancy:

Your growing bump and the weight will put extra pressure on your back. Your center of gravity is changing and you need to consciously maintain good posture to avoid muscle strain in the back.  Your sciatic nerve will start to feel the pressure. Sciatic nerve runs from your spine, through your buttocks to your legs. The increasing weight of the baby inside the uterus will compress against this nerve, causing discomfort. A comfortable sleep arrangement is a must.


 6 Month Baby during pregnancy:

At 25 weeks, your baby weights nearly 660g and measures about 35cm from crown to heel. If you shine a light on your belly, your baby will turn his head, which means his optic nerve is working.
 Your baby is growing fast and his brain development is intense at this stage. Some experts even believe that babies begin to dream by week 27 By 29 weeks, not only will you be into the third trimester, but your baby will have grown to about 39cm, head to toe. 

7 Month Baby during pregnancy:

At 30 weeks, your baby measures a little more than 39cm from crown to toe. Her lungs and digestive tract are almost fully developed. She continues to open and close her eyes. These days, you may notice your baby isn't moving around as much.  Your baby may have some head hair. During this month, she may already be getting ready for birth by turning upside-down. Your baby's head should be pointing down, ready for her journey into the world. At week 33, baby may weight about 2kg and measure up to 44cm from head to toe.

 8 Month Baby during pregnancy:

At 34 weeks, your baby weights more than 2.2kg and is 45cm from top to toe. Your little one is sporting full-length fingernails and toenails and has a fully developed pair of kidneys.
Most of the downy coat of lanugo that covered your baby from 26 weeks has disappeared. Over this month, your baby should gradually drop into your pelvis. By 38 weeks, she'll weigh between 3kg and 3.2kg.

9 Month Baby during pregnancy:

Your baby will weight around 6-8 pounds at this stage and will grow in 17-20 inches in length. The growth of your baby will be very fast, your weight will remain unchanged. In the ninth month there will be a gain of around 2.5 pounds in body fat and an increase of 2 inches in height. Most of the babies take the head down position at this stage. The weight of your placenta will be 1.5 pounds and the umbilical cord will be around 2 feet in length. 

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