Monday, 4 January 2016

Benefits of Drinking Water for healthy lifestyle...!

Water is a basic necessity of life, not only for people but also for every type of plant and animal. Water accounts for about 65% of our body weight. If we lost as little as 12% of it, we would soon die. Water is the basis of cheap energy. It is a raw material in the manufacture of chemicals, drugs and hundreds of other products. Water is an odorless, tasteless, transparent liquid that is colorless.

    1.      Drinking sufficient quantity of water in the early morning in empty stomach will keep your body clean and it reduces the number of diseases that attacks you.
    2.      Drinking water also helps in reducing your total body weight.

    3.      Drinking warm water early in the morning is beneficial for improving immunity power.

    4.      Drinking sufficient water everyday means that 2 to 2.5 liter water is most important thing.

    5.      A better digestive system automatically takes care of a lot of other things.

    6.      It is also one of the secrets behind a glowing skin, as water removes the toxins from the blood.

    7.      Drinking water also improves the creation of new blood cells as well as muscle cells.

    8.      Due to drinking sufficient water reduce various diseases:  High Blood Pressure (30 days), Gastric (10 days), Diabetes (30 days), Constipation (10 days), Cancer (180 days), TB (90 days).

    9.      Drinking more water will helps you in purifying the colon and it helps our body in getting proper nutrients to each and every part.

    10.  After you drink water just 5 minutes do a simple yoga or warm up to make your body and mind relaxed.

    11.  Drinking water helps your digestive system work well and promotes regular bowel movements.

    12.  Drinking adequate water can help your body function better and reduce fatigue.
    13.  Drink at least 3 glasses of water on empty stomach and this will help to reduce the level of acidity in your stomach.

   14.  Drinking 2 cups of water on empty stomach will help maintain the elasticity and toxicity of the skin and prevent premature wrinkles.

   15.  During the night the body works repairing cells and cleaning itself. So, drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach will give a boost to the body and will release all wastes through urine.

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